I need to do one.

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Red Bull

So I’ve noticed recently that it’s been tasting slightly different, alittle more fruity. Does anyone know if there’s been a recipe change?

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Biggest Bang

Yes… its back!!!

(Kinda late i know, but YAYYY!!)

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 adjective  /ʌnˈplez(ə)nt/

1- If something is unpleasant, you do not like or enjoy it

Example: Hand moving 8 buckets (Volvo L110) of dropped fibre


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Domestic Goddess


The force is strong with this one.

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Getting Close

Moving the PC and starting to empty the last shelves tonight.
So exhausted. Need to get my ride on… again 😀

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aaaahhhh! i hate waking up this early before work. 8:30am is not ideal at all. oh well i’ll make a caramel meriegne pie. mmmmm, tasty!

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Wow! Caramel mereigne pie rocks my world.

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And I thought winter was gone…

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Last night shift before a decent weekend, just looking forward to relaxing in general. Feeling very un motivated tonight, I really need a holiday.

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